About Brian

Brian Guerrero passed away on September 27, 2016 from injuries sustained in a cycling accident in Huntsville, AL. 

Brian was a loving husband of Brandi Knight Guerrero. A loving father to Ryder Christian Guerrero and the late Tarin Christian Carlson Guerrero. He took such pride in the responsibility of being a father. His face would light up at the very mention of Ryder’s name. He was excited to guide Ryder’s path to be a man with integrity and a good dose of sarcasm mixed in with serious mountain and road biking skills. Or, in other words, to be just like Dad!

Many people travel in and out of our orbit throughout our lives. Some quickly leaving, some staying around a while and others, others that stay with us for a lifetime. Brian is a “lifer”! He had many friends and loved them all.

Brian left us way too early but what he left behind will continue to live in the hearts of the cycling community forever. Whether dirt or road, he was always ready to roll. He was the first to assist a new cyclist. Teaching those new to the sport the ways of the paceline, how to draft, how to pedal, how to survive a grueling day on the bike. Brian would “loop back” for those who couldn’t hold pace on a group ride. And…being a strong cyclist…was always there to “drop” you when you thought you were stronger than him that day.

Brian will be remembered for many things in his short time with those he loved and that loved him. And through our memories (and the red birds that dot our backyards and fly across our path while on the bike) we will remember him for the passion he brought to the sport of cycling and for the difference he made in our lives.

Tailwinds Our Friend (Written by Ian Stephens)